Binational Independent Film Festival

2014 Binational Independent Film Festival Press Release

Now on our 14th year with movies from the United States, México, Belgium, Chile, Canada, Italy, and Argentina, with an excellent repertoire of talent from the United States, Mexico, Chile, Italy, and the rest of the world. As in past years we are here to strengthen the bond between the United States and Mexico: with the lively dialogue of documentaries as its language. As the main course, we have one of the pioneers of American-independent cinema Bernie Casey, a legend of Mexican Cinema Mr. Manuel “El Loco” Valdes, and with a “special recognition award for Mexican Action Cinema” for Director José Luis Urquieta and Actress Carmen Cardenal.
This year’s wonderful cast of actors, directors, producers, and distributors will be here to talk to the audience, to talk to students, and give us a glimpse of how it really is inside the world of film and filmmaking.
Highlights: We will watch a Blaxploitation movie (United States), and the movie’s main actor Mr. Bernie Casey will be present to talk to the audience, “Dos Fantasmas y una Muchacha” (México) after watching this very funny movie from the “Golden Age” of Mexican cinema we will have a talk with one of the main actors Mr. Manuel “El Loco” Valdes, “Las Armas Albas” (México) this movie’s Director Mr. José Luis Urquieta and one of the actresses of the movie Carmen Cardenal will be present, as well, “Soy Mejor Que Vos” (Chile), Che Sandoval, the movie’s director, famous in South America for his light-street comedy style, will be here as an emissary from South American films, and The Paw Project the documentary that depicts the long fight to ban “declawing” of cats in California. Directed by Dr. Jeniffer Conrad, she will also be present to talk to our audiences, plus other directors, distributors, and producers will be here to talk to the audiences, as well, since this direct communication with filmmakers and audiences is what the festival is all about.
But that’s not all: we also have the competition of shorts, documentaries, and short screenplays, with entries from all over the world. We already know that this year’s festival will be one of our best, not only in films, talent, and content, but in the quality and quantity of our audience that grows every year. We hope to see you all there to enjoy a truly bi-national event in our area!

For information contact: Laura Rojo de Zamora (915) 585-4566