Binational Independent Film Festival


Country: México
Director: Francesco Taboada Tabone
Producer: Francesco Taboada Tabone
Screenplay: Francesco Taboada Tabone, Fernanda Robinson, Aldo Tabone

The Maguey is a symbol of Mexico. From the beginning times to been of fundamental importance to the development of Mesoamerican culture. The invaders call the magey the “tree of wonders”. Has not existed in our forte nation plastic artist that has not succumbed to the temptation of a magey plasma. With its pencas and quiote houses are built, they are woven clothes are prepared food; in its bowels the lives the ocuili gusanito of chincuil, millennial bite; of his heart the elixir mexican mana par excellence: the mead with which the creators decided fill of pleasure to the man by calling him octli pulque