Binational Independent Film Festival

2021 Binational Independent Film Festival Press Release

Once more the festival will be virtual (to protect everybody from this Pandemic), but it is still here! On our 21st edition we are proud to say that our festival has matured nicely, and we would like to thank the border region of El Paso, and Juarez for their attendance (these two years virtual, but still attending), and for their support for so many years. We are honored to bestow the Lifetime Achievement Award to Tom Noonan (a staple of independent cinema, both: as an actor and as a filmmaker) and to Ricardo “El Guero” Carrion (an icon of the rock and roll era in Mexico, but who also has an extensive career as a film actor since the 60s all the way to 2021 and beyond). Additionally, we are going to have a class and interview with Alejandro Lerner, who is more than famous as a composer and singer, but who also has had a wonderful career as a scoring musician mostly for TV, but he also has done several scores for movies, and many of his beautiful ballads have been the love themes for several films. We will have a couple of documentaries, who every year elicit a dialogue in between the United States and Mexico through the medium of documentaries. And finally, we are also having a new independent film from the United States. In the spirit of equality: three days in English programming, and three days in Spanish. As you can see, it has always been a pleasure to cater to both sides of the border, on this: Our Border Region. I hope you fully enjoy it!