Binational Independent Film Festival

2020 Binational Independent Film Festival Press Release

The festival has arrived to its 20th Birthday, and we are very excited about it.  However, the Covid 19 Pandemic has touched everyone nowadays, and now the festival which will be completely Virtual this year, in other words, all through the internet, but not with less quality, effort, or exciting names and projects.  We are going to have a private talk and questions and answers with independent film icon Fred Williamson, directly from his house.  Plus, we are going to have the most-sexy female actress of the 90s-action films in Mexico: Lina Santos, also from her own home talking to our festival audience.  To complement those two events, we will have three documentaries and two talks with Ilana Lapid, professor of film and filmmaker, and Alan Holzman, director, writer, editor, producer, and winner of several Emmys for his wonderful documentaries.  Stay tuned: the festival is coming soon to you.