Binational Independent Film Festival

2018 Binational Independent Film Festival Press Release

The only truly bi-national festival in the world becomes an adult: we are on our 18th Edition – from May 17 to the 22 we will have a week of films, documentaries, filmmakers, and celebrities from both sides of the border: on both sides of the border!

This year we are celebrating with a very special award – The Beauty of Mexican Action Cinema which is being deservedly awarded to Maribel Guardia, and the lifetime achievement to Mr. Roger E. Mosley.

Roger E. Mosley is mostly known for his role on Magnum P.I., and many other countless appearances on TV, but he is a member of an elite group of African-American pioneers who created a world for themselves during the 60s and 70s with many Independent films where the African-Americans were the heroes, and the leading men and women: and that’s worth celebrating any year!

Maribel Guardia came to Mexico as a beauty contest queen, and then became a Mexican beauty: all of us in Mexico see her as one of ours by now. Singer, Dancer, Actress, Mother, but always Beautiful! With a smile, charm, and presence like no other, she graced the Mexican screen in a series of independent action films back in the 80s and 90s with the body of a Goddess and the face of an Angel: what a combination!

With the same gusto we are promoting, as we do every year, a dialogue in between the United States and Mexico through documentaries, and this year we are bringing some heavy hitters: John Huston (the art of directing), Etiqueta no Rigurosa (Unrestricted Etiquette), The call me King Tiger, and Guerrero/Guerrero. And once more our audiences will have the characters (actors), or the Directors talking to them right after the screenings, which now are going to be, once more, at the UTEP Union Cinema (our original home), and on the Cd. Juarez side at El Cinito (also our original home), so on our Maturity year: we came back home.