Binational Independent Film Festival

2015 Binational Independent Film Festival Press Release

The XV year sounds like science fiction to me: Fifteen years ago we started this truly binational festival; however, this year the bi-nationality of the same will be more present: only movies and documentaries from The United States and Mexico will be shown. So, this year will be a direct dialogue not just with the documentaries, but also with the movies and the filmmakers: quite a celebration!

We are bringing excellent documentaries, since we want this dialogue to be grounded in facts and serious themes. Additionally, we are going to have our Lifetime Achievement Awards, plus five directors from Mexico, and five directors from the United States throughout the week.

So come on over to the Montwood Seven Cinemas (Yarbrough & Montwood) from April 25 to May 1, and talk to filmmakers, producers, director and actors and actresses, as it is customary in our Festival week. We will have Rodrigo Vidal and Angie Ruiz, Gloria Hendry (the first African-American James Bond Girl), Karla Barahona, Carlos Cuarón, Jane Rosemont, José María Rodríguez, Philip Lewis, Jorge Aaron Salgado Diez, Angel Estrada Soto , and many more. Come also to the documentary showings at the Main Library downtown, where every other day we will have the directors for those documentaries being shown.

Check our schedule of events and enjoy wonderful filmmaking while you help a great cause with your $5.00 Dollar ticket (regular price), and $2.50 (for Students, Seniors, and Military): your money goes to help a local Non-profit to continue its mission. We are so close to the festival week that I can only say one more thing: